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It is our mission to enhance the quality of life of individuals with limited mobility by providing access to our outdoor all terrain track wheelchairs.
These chairs will allow these individuals to better participate in outdoor recreation and sportsman activities.

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David's Vision

Once an able bodied outdoorsman living life to its fullest in Southern Oregon, David Hartrick has been stricken with ALS also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. This disease takes away a person's freedom to move around easily and eventually their life. David wants to spend as much of his time left on earth doing what he loves, which is hunting, fishing and just being outdoors with nature. His wish, his vision is to raise enough funds to purchase an all terrain outdoor Action Track Chair. This chair will allow him to go where normal electric chairs will not go and cannot go. Always thinking of others, David is working to make his chair available to people with mobility issues once he is done using it. His true vision is to work with the community to purchase more of these chairs in different sizes and make them available to the public.

We at David's Chair envision a fleet of track chairs for individuals of all ages, sizes and disabilities. Patients with ALS will have priority, but David's vision is far greater. He wants these chairs to be available to anyone so that they can say "I CAN". David's Chair wants people with mobility issues to start saying, "I CAN go fishing, I can go hunting, I can go hiking, and I can.........". Please look over our page and if you feel like donating we make it simple with our PayPal donation link above. If you have any questions or want to help in other ways you can contact us at icandavidschair@gmail.com

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From KTVL News Channel 10, May 22nd, 2017

From the 2017 Live Auction, raising more than $20,000 for David's Chair!

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